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Redmond, Oregon Landscape Maintenance Services

Relson Landscape Contracting has been providing residential landscape maintenance in Redmond Oregon for over 5 years. We offer lawn maintenance, lawn installation and repair, sprinkler blowouts, fertilization, Fall cleanups, new landscape construction, landscape renovations, and patio installation.


We pride ourselves on providing the best service, maintenance, and quality of work on every project. From large commercial properties to small residential yards, you can be sure that our friendly landscape maintenance experts will provide you with the kind of service to keep your project looking beautiful year-round.


Central Oregon Landscape Maintenance Services

Lawn and Garden Care - Expert Lawn care maintenance

Semi-annual Yard Cleanup - Keep your yard looking fantastic year-round

Annuals and Perennials - Year-round color, texture, and beauty in your garden

Pots and Planters - Design, install, and maintenance of bright and colorful pots & planters

Irrigation Maintenance - Expert irrigation design, installation, and maintenance 

Landscape Renovation - With landscapes big or small, let our team help re-create your landscape with unique designs. 

Snow Removal - Our team can meet all your commercial and residential snow removal needs


Let our team help you achieve the landscape you've always desired and contact us for all your landscaping, maintenance, mowing, irrigation, and flower bed needs. 

Lawn Strip
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Redmond, Oregon Lawn Care Services

At Relson Landscape Contracting we know that lawn maintenance is so much more than running the lawn mower sporadically. We are passionate about lawn care services and have been learning the tricks of the trade for many years. Maintaining the appearance, health and vigor of your lawn requires special care in Redmond’s dry climate – let us handle it.


Lawn Mowing

Keep your grass fresh and healthy with our weekly lawn mowing service. This inclusive service includes mowing, trimming, and edging, as well as cleaning sidewalks and driveways.

 Aeration controls and prevents water run-off, dry spots and certain diseases. It also stimulates root growth by allowing water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the grass roots.


We know that fertilization is key to having a beautiful lawn, and our intensive and careful lawn care maintenance plan ensures that it’s done right, from pre-emergent phases down to weed control.

Lawn Aeration

Prevent water runoff, dry spots and stimulate root growth with lawn aeration. 2 times per year will allow water, nutrients, and oxygen to reach the grassroots.


Sprinkler Systems

Proper water is essential to having an exquisite yard. Irrigation specialists will design and install highest-quality professional systems, as well as providing expert repair and maintenance services including winterization & sprinkler blowouts!


This year when spring weeds begin to rear their ugly heads, call on team to remove them, amend the soil, and add mulch to keep your gardens healthy and looking their best.


Lawn technicians will tear out the old sod at your home or office, prepare the soil, and install new sod.

Tree Planting

Looking to add some foliage to your yard? Look no further! We will plant any type of tree or shrubbery you’d like.


Are your hedges or bushes beginning to look overgrown, spilling over sidewalks, fences or roofs? Our landscape maintenance technicians will prune and shape hedges, shrubs, and small trees to make them not only look better but improve their overall health and longevity.


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We offer planting, lawn installation and repair, landscape design, xeriscaping, new landscape construction, landscape renovations, and dry creek beds.

We install beautiful outdoor living paver patios, concrete patios, natural and gas fire pits, retaining walls, walkways, stairs with pavers, boulders and stone rock work.

We build, install and repair retaining walls, including block walls, paver retaining walls, and boulder retaining walls including excavation and grading.

We install custom fencing and gates including chain link fencing, cedar fencing, and privacy fencing. We also offer fence repair and custom design.

"Relson Landscape Contracting has done lots of work for me over the years but they recently completed a major backyard remodel landscaping project for my family. Irrigation, land prep, sod, bark, edging, and repair of some stonework. They were on time, finished on schedule, and are always massively professional. They went above and beyond and left the property better than they found it. I highly recommend Relson Landscape Contracting and am using them for our business snow removal as well."

- Joshua K., Redmond, Oregon

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