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Fencing Builders in Redmond, Oregon

Fence Installation in Redmond, Oregon

Relson Landscape Contracting offers Fence Installation in Redmond, Oregon and Central Oregon. We are a full-service landscaping company with many years of experience in every aspect of landscaping including fence installation & fence repair. Our team of fence builders has repaired, installed and maintained wooden fences all over Redmond, Oregon.


Whatever fencing, gate or landscaping needs you have, our fence installers have the experience to get any project done right. We install custom fencing and gates including chain link fencing, cedar fencing, and privacy fencing. Our fence builders also offer fence repair and custom fence design. 


Fences are a long term investment that significantly contributes to the value and beauty of your property. They are also a valuable asset to the privacy and security of your family.


We Install Wood Fences in Redmond

In Redmond, Oregon, wood fences are by far the most common choice. Wood fence styles vary from solid board fencing, spaced picket, shadowbox, split board, to lattice top fencing and many more. Over time wood may warp or split and lose its natural luster. To keep your wood fence from rotting and to protect your wood fence from the elements (especially from sprinklers), we recommend an application of water repellent preservatives to seal it.


Our local fence builders offer high-quality fence installation & fence repair in Bend & Redmond, Oregon.

Fence Installation Redmond, Oregon
Fence Installation Company Redmond, Oregon

We offer planting, lawn installation and repair, landscape design, xeriscaping, new landscape construction, landscape renovations, and dry creek beds.

We install beautiful outdoor living paver patios, concrete patios, natural and gas fire pits, retaining walls, walkways, stairs with pavers, boulders and stone rock work.

We build, install and repair retaining walls, including block walls, paver retaining walls, and boulder retaining walls including excavation and grading.

We install custom fencing and gates including chain link fencing, cedar fencing, and privacy fencing. We also offer fence repair and custom design.

"Zach was able to show me pictures of fences they had built. He was an incredibly professional and personable guy. Within two weeks of having a signed contract, I have 100 feet of ornamental cedar fence and two gates built. As a general contractor, I find this to be exceptional service. Great office staff. Quality materials. Quality labor. And someone who can master scheduling in a way that picks up additional work as fast as he can, in an organized fashion."

Glen F., Redmond, Oregon

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